About us

Why you'd want to go on a date with us

We are team of professional experienced developers.
Quality software development — is really what we do perfect.
Our work processes as transparency as it possible.
We believe, transparent communication with customer is key for success project!

Our business process

Some features of our development process:

  • We use Gitlab as repository and as task tracker.
  • We provide you access to our Gitlab projects what we develop for you.
  • We are Aglie and we use week sprints.
  • We provide you changelog for every version of software after every sprint.
  • We always creating documentation for deploy process and about architecture of software.
  • We use continuous integration (CI) for autotests and deploy. It increase quality of our products.
  • You may take part in sprints planning if you wish.
  • We monitor errors on your server in real time using specialized web services.
  • We provide you test server with current version of developed product and we regularly update it after each sprint.

Some our projects

Also we was involved in development of next projects:

  • AiF - web site and many projects of largest publisher in Russia
  • CityAds - CPA advertising system
  • Lavina - Media monitoring service
  • Rusdoc - System for creating of technical documentation using XML web editor

Technologies what we use:

  • PHP 7+, Python 3+, Javascript ES6+
  • Laravel 5+, Flask, Django
  • Vuejs, Angular
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis, Memcached, Sphinx